Do not feed the grapes to your cat

Many of the individuals and families like to keep the pet animals with them. Especially the families, which have kids often prefer to have cats and dogs. The pets will be very close with its master and his family members. The kids love to play with pet animals and it will never harm them. The pets require special care because it cannot expose its feeling. So, the people have the responsibility to find its health condition and feed them health foods. Eating healthy foods and regular veterinary checkups will help the pets to stay healthy and that prevents any kind of discomforts to them. If a pet is suffering from any discomfort, then it should be taken to the veterinarian. They can suggest proper lotions and medicines to the pet animals. 

Do not feed people foods to pets:

The cat is a common pet animal which will be very close to the human. Many of the people prefer to have cats than any other pets in their home. It can be a security to the home and shows its loyalty to the family. Cats usually eat its special foods, meat and drinks milk sometimes. The cats have different breeds and its physique will be different. Some of the foods may cause allergy to the cats and that’s why the veterinarians advise the people to not feed the human foods to the cats often. However, many of the internet users often search about foods cats can eat and here they can find some useful answer. 

Grapes are toxic to the cats: 

• The Pet MD points out that the raisins and the grapes causes too much of toxin for the cats. However, the researchers have not found that which substance cause this reaction to them.

• The gender or its age has no influence in causing this effect but many of the veterinarians recommend the people to not feed the grapes to cats.

• If a toxic ingestion is happened to a cat then it shows these symptoms. It will look tired, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite and in severe condition it will suffer from kidney failure. The treatments for the cats are critical and it has the less chance to recover.

• Fortunately, many of the breeds will vomit by themselves after eating the grapes and that reduces the chance of suffering from various discomforts.

• If the cat is not vomiting, then the owner should make them to eat the activated charcoal. It will reduce the cause of kidney failure. Otherwise, making them eat the black toast can be an alternate choice. Sadly, the cats won’t eat such items or anything, when they are suffering from discomforts.

• So, taking them to the veterinarian would be the best choice. It has more chance to survive without attending any critical stage, if the treatment begins quickly. However, if the cat is not likely to survive from the kidney failure, then it will be euthanized on the spot to prevent the slow and painful death.

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